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Boudoir Photography Spokane is here to help you capture some of your most precious memories, so that you can look back on them forever.

Whether you are looking for a couples shoot, maternity shoot, bridal shoot or more, our photographers are here to help you capture your passion, and give you a photoshoot you’ll never forget!

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“My photographer was so great! Doing a photoshoot like this is usually way out of my comfort zone, but she made me feel very at ease and very comfortable. She helped show me how to pose in the most flattering ways. The pictures turned out really great, and my husband loved them! They were a fun surprise for him.”

Lydia K.

“Definitely worth doing. I felt like for the amount of money we spent, we got so much! The photos all turned out great, and we had a lot of different pictures to choose from (we did the maternity shoot). It was fun knowing that we could always have these photos to look back on forever.”

Tyra D.

“My husband and I have been wanting to spice up our relationship a little bit, so we decided to try doing a couples photoshoot. I am so glad that we did it! My husband was definitely hesitant at first, but just a few minutes in, we were all laughing and having a great time, and the pictures turned out great! We are so happy with the results.”

Elle P.

Boudoir Photography Spokane

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